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Christmas candle-making

In recent years, instead of buying Christmas presents for others I have decided to make as much as I can – not only so that I can indulge learning something new, but also because they are always received so well. For this reason, I have turned my hand to candle-making this year. Although the process can take a little while, and you can only make a few at a time, it is incredibly fun, and easy. To see how I made them, keep reading.

What you will need:

· Soy wax

· Essential oils (I have used eucalyptus)

· Pre-waxed wicks

· Glass/tin containers

· Thermometer

· Wick centering tool

· Saucepan

· Pyrex measuring jug

· Glue dots

The beauty of candle-making is that although it is useful to have all of the tools listed above, you can improvise.


Pour 2 inches of water into the saucepan and sit the Pyrex jug within this.

Pour the soy wax into the Pyrex dish and heat through until it reaches 85°C.

Whilst the wax is heating up you will need to prepare the jars, or container that you wish to use as a candle holder (this could be anything from a teacup to a jam jar – anything that vaguely resembles a candle holder, really).

To secure the wick in the candleholder is really easy. Simply take a glue dot and stick it to the bottom of the wick, and stick this to the bottom of the jar – as central as possible.

When the wax has reached 85°C place a few drops of essential oil (or candle fragrance) into the wax. This is where you can really personalise the candles by choosing fragrances specially for friends and loved ones - I have been using Frankincense (a nod to Christmas) and rhubarb.

Take the wax off of the heat and when the temperature has reduced to approx. 60°C, pour it into the containers.

To ensure the wicks stay central during the cooling period, thread the wick centering tool onto the wicks (see the pictures above) and adjust if necessary. If you do not have a wick centering tool (a non-essential), you can use a clothes peg instead.

Leave the candles to cool for 24 hours.

Finally, trim the wick and light the candle. Or, if you are like me, wrap it up and gift it to someone special (Oh, and take LOADS of photos).


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